Asked to fix a site that uses PayLoom... quick question

I just “inherited” a broken site that uses PayLoom. I have cart experience with hosted php script carts and 3rd party carts but never used PayLoom or any other RW cart plugin. I know that PayLoom3 is no longer supported (I believe).

The owner of the site says that the “Cart is broken.” When I look at the site I see that I can put items in the cart but there is no way to “view cart” or to “checkout.” The only option presented is to “continue shopping.”

I now have the RW project file in hand. I’m looking at all the PayLoom3 options and setups, looked at some docs, and a couple of videos. But I see nothing on how to “view cart” or even “checkout.”

Can someone please give me a word or two about PayLoom3 and how checkout is implemented/setup? Or even a help doc or video that would help?


In browsing the forums here it looks like PayLoom will never work with newer RW updates and OSX updates… It appears my only option is to rebuild the PayLoom pages and use other cart software.

It’s a pretty simple store… Will probably just use “PayPal buttons” with PayPal checkout.

Comments welcome please.

The new Yuzool Cart stack might be a good fit. Still simple but a little more store-like then simply just Paypal buttons. Stripe support is nice as well…

Thanks… will consider the Yuzool Cart stack… I actually might have PayLoom working for now… The whole site is in need of everything… Responsive theme, SSL, etc, so eventually I’ll be re-doing everything.

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