Payloom 3 Public Beta Now Available

Payloom 3 Public Beta

The RapidWeaver Shopping Cart you have been waiting for!
Many of you have been trying to find a reliable, well designed, responsive shopping cart that you can use on your RapidWeaver projects. Well no more waiting Payloom 3 is almost here! We have spent the past 7 months completely rebuilding our original ground-breaking plugin Payloom.

Get Download Link Here:

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If anyone has question regarding Payloom 3, then please feel free to ask on this thread. :grin:

Thanks for the update.

Is there any way to change the currently in the beta, I would like it to be in pounds sterling!

thanks again :smile:

Is it possible to view the help guide online outside of the browser in RW?
Reason being the links aren’t clickable in there. My question is what is the admin url for the payloom page for retrieving orders?

A few questions:

Is there support for discount codes? Can a category or categories of products be embedded in stack pages?

Thanks very much.


This can be changed under PayPal settings in the page inspector. I see how that can be confusing as the currency applies to more than just PayPal. I will move it to a more appropriate place in next build. Most likely the ‘Misc.’ tab.


  1. Discount codes are currently not a feature of Payloom 3.

  2. You can build multiple Payloom pages and insert them into Stacks pages via the companion Payloom3 stack. The cart will persist across multiple pages as long as the domain is the same on those pages.


All the links inside the Docs are internal. There is no reason to have an external set of docs. Which links are not working?

The admin URL will look similar to this…

This needs to be added to the Docs and the UI of the plugin. Will do that today.

Hi Mike,

Do you have an idea of pricing structure/upgrade pricing yet? Also will digital delivery have to be handled by S3 or will it be possible to host the files on your own server like rapid cart currently does?


@yabdab Yes you are correct all links on the internal docs do not work for me. I can not right click copy link address or nothing. Hover mouse over link doesn’t work to reveal the address anywhere. Is there a way to get links to work in the help docs?

Can you tell me which links you are referring to?
Right-click is disabled by design, there is no need to use that.


We will announce pricing at a later date, but it is very competitive with similar products.

For digital delivery, you can use files you specify in the plugin ( published with the rest of your site files ) OR you can use remote URLs ( which can be S3 if you desire ). It’s up to you.

Thanks for the info. I’d wish I could use Payloom 3 for a project, but it requires the discount code option. So a feature request for a future release if possible?

No new features now, but will consider it on a future update.

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Seconded for discount codes! They are a great feature for marketing (as all you developers know lol).

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I used Payloom in the past.
Beacuse of too many items , my project went very slow and large in size due to too many images.
I have given up using it .
I would like to use it again but I am wondering if it is possible to warehouse images and use links?



Wondering what the shopping cart options are for Foundation, where only stacks, rather than plugins, can be utilized.

Are the stacks aspect of Payloom 3 an alternative to the plugin, or only an accessory?

Sorry, another question: does it comply with the EU VAT laws?

@Bazza and @thang
Your feature request is noted. :smile:

The best solution is to always optimize your images first. Relying on RW to do this is usually not a good idea. It was not designed for this. For ease of use, Payloom only uses images added to your RW page.

Payloom is a “plugin” not a “stack”. Payloom 3 comes with a companion stack that imports your PL3 pages into any Stacks built page ( including ones that use Foundation or BootSnap ).

Can you be more specific on your question regarding EU Vat Laws? Thx.

This will affect any potential customers in Europe

I believe rapid cart Pro has this feature sorted, but I don’t know how easy/simple/hard it was for them to do it. It might be already included as standard, but if not it means that EU customers will not legally be able to use your cart for digital downloads.

Sorry to sound melodramatic. there was a thread on the old forum that went into more detail.