RapidCart Pro Paypal checkout does not work!

I know that others have complained about this issue and I have read through all of the responses to the question of Paypal not working in RCP raising the message “Select a payment method”, but I havent found a fix. My site is live on a /public/html/test folder, so I can see what the customer sees, but I cannot work out why Paypal doesnt work. This is not a good look for a plug-in that is supposed to act as an interface between customers and payment processors. I need to resolve this issue before I can transfer my site to a live folder. Any ideas as to the solution?

Do you have a URL to your site? There’s a ‘checklist’ that can sometimes give clues.

Also, in the past, I’ve seen where copy-pasting an API key (or whatever they’re called) can inadvertently include a space at the end that you don’t always notice and that can trigger an error.

Lastly, depending on your needs, you might want to consider an alternative. As much as RCP seems to perfectly fill a need with Rapidweaver, there is just way too much anecdotal info of a lack of support and I would be concerned about compatibility of the plugin (with futurwe RW versions, with future Mac OS versions, etc) moving forward.


Thanks for you response Jason. There should be no need for an API key as I am not using sandbox. I am guessing that the error message is generic and provides no clue as to what went wrong. I have a small program that I have written to make a Paypal sale via pure HTML. I tested some sales of my products with and without spaces on the end, but they all go through to the Paypal checkout site without problems. I will contact 4GND support one more time for a solution before opening a Paypal dispute to get my money back. BTW: the offending web site is www.simquip.com/test.

Thanks Steve
Its a shame that they still present the product as a viable solution given that they (in my case) take your money and hand you a busted product. I will give support one more try before seeking help from Paypal, but as you say we are probably one OS version away from RC no longer working.

Even if you are not using a sandbox, you still need API credentials (according to this help document: https://tls.4gnd.com/rw/rapidcartpro/manual/#set-up-payment-methods/paypal)

As a side note, this is the checklist I was referring to. http://www.simquip.com/test/Products/index.php?checklist Sometimes it can let you know if you need to upgrade php or something.

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What is the alternative to RapidCart. I don’t want to have a subscription software like CartLoom. If that was a purchase or even a one site per pay software I might be interested. But no to subscription software. Look at what’s happier at Adobe as people are now looking and leaving for alternatives

You could look at something like Cart 2 from Yuzool. It’s being actively developed and is Stacks-based. Clients can’t update the products in the store though. Obviously if you - or they - are doing everything through RW, this isn’t an issue.


I think a lot depends on what you’re selling, how many and what kind of products, do you need shipping, VAT or sales tax, discounts, downloads, etc.

Yes Jason, you are quite correct. I finally got a response from Omniidea after Paypal got involved. I have been using Yabdab’s payloom 2 in the past which is pretty straight forward and doesn’t involve any API keys. Its a real shame that Mike the developer doesnt refresh this product, because it is a real winner in terms of simplicity. I am not real fond of the Yuzool interfaces because I think that Michael hasnt really got a grip on what is really required for for an ecommerce package. Having said that about Yuzool, they do make a good cart stack that just needs you to come up with the appropriate cart loading HTML. His cart does the rest.

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It depends on how much work you are willing to do.You could look at the Yuzool cart stack and use Paypal compatible HTML to load it like I have done. If you have a few products, then you can use the Paypal button maker, but if you have a lot of products then you will need to be more adventurous. In another post I stated that Payloom was one of the easiest ways of creating an on-line stort, but I believe that that product is now depreciated.

My website and webshop works still via Rapidcart very good. I’d like the products database, the out of stock message, the free layout and also the Dutch Payment implementation from Mollie. Hope the people of 4GND will work around on an updated version for new Osx updates!! because i don’t find an alternative Stack with all the functions that Rapidcart has included for that incredible low price.
Perhaps the people of Realmac software could make their own version of Rapidcart , it will fire up the sales of Rapidweaver to heaven i think!!

Have a look at ecwid… free for a basic store and the interface is good.
Integrates well into RW too.

Great videos of how to set up here (thanks Ben Counsell):

I set mine up in minutes and had it working in RW without any issues.

It does look good, but I think what a lot of us are griping about is that we don’t want to be paying monthly fees, and good as it is, Ecwid is very limited unless you want to pay monthly fees :frowning:

Yes Lance, ECWID did look quite promising until I got to the subscription part and realised that any online store using this plugin would have ongoing monthly costs. Most of us cheapskates out there want to make a one time payment and be done with the costs of setting up an e-store. If you want a simple store with only a few products then there are a few good solutions in stack form, but if you want a complex store then the choice narrows dramatically. I think that I have purchased or downloaded almost every e-commerce plugin or stack out there, but to date RapidCart Pro is the only one that covers all my bases (If only I could get it to work).

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I think that the duo at omniidea are pretty well done with RapidCart and respond with template responses. Rather than provide recalcitrant style support, remove the product from the marketplace. Maybe all of their efforts are going into development of a new product?
RCP must work because there are many implementations of it out there on the web. Having said that it appears to be fragile and you need to get things 100% right to make it work correctly. The manual is not the best, but it may have been written by people who dont principally dont speak English.

I have to agree Steve… you get what you pay for.
I’m no fan of subscriptions either but ecwid suits my scenario as it’s just club membership renewals.

I have to come clean here and say that my OP was in relationship to issues I had created by not following the RTFM rule. At this point in time RCP is [almost] working, but I still need their support to tell me why I am getting a 400 error at PayPal checkout. If I can get Paypal checkout to work, then I will consider it to be a worthy investment, but as one poster said. its probably one RW or OSX upgrade from crapping its pants. Scary stuff if you have clients relying on it, because no matter what the legitimate reason, when they come calling with baseball bats and crowbars, they wont be looking for revenge on omniidea.

Afaik an API key is always required - live or sandbox. Where did you read that it is only required for sandbox testing?

From the RCP manual:

PayPal payment is done integrating RapidCart Pro to PayPal gateway through API. You’ll gain access credential (API Client ID and Secret) enabling API access in your PayPal account.

You must upgrade your account to PayPal Business to use PayPal API. More info available on PayPal Developer portal.
Here’s the step by step instruction to enable access:

Log in using your PayPal account to PayPal Developer site: https://developer.paypal.com
Click on Dashboard from top menu
In My apps section choose Create App button in REST API apps section
Type RapidCart Pro in App name and click Create app
Clicking Sandbox or Live on the top right you’ll finally reach access credential for Sandbox (i.e. test) and Live environments respectively
For enhanced security, in App feature option section (for both Sandbox and Live) enable only Accept Payments, then click Save.
Now copy and paste access credentials (API Client ID and Secret).

If you checked Use Sandbox (for testing purposes), use Sandbox credentials. Use Live credentials otherwise.

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Great response David. Thanks for the comprehensive answer.
Where did you read that it is only required for sandbox testing?

I dont think that I actually said that, but whatever ambiguous statement I made, the point I was trying to make was that you can make a PayPal sale without the use of APIs. If I could paste HTML here, I could show you some code that would take you directly to the PayPal cart for checkout. I have been through the checklist you posted above and triple checked the API codes, but I am still getting a code 400 at checkout.

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