Paypal IPN error message Rapidcart Pro

Can anyone help me?
I’m a beginner so am possibly delving into something i haven’t got the expertise to solve or understand.
I had a small website up and running a couple of years ago selling PDFs of music using rapid cart 3 and rapid link. This worked really well for me until last summer when it suddenly stopped working and now when a customer buys an item, PayPal takes the money but doesn’t send them the link to the product. Thankfully i have been getting emails from PayPal to say I have received money and have been able to message the customer directly, apologise and email them the files. I have since redesigned the site using rapidcart pro as i wondered if it was outdated software causing the issue since i believe there was some kind of security upgrade at the PayPal end.
I cannot solve this problem. Having republished a cut-down version on the site this eve to test it, the cart still doesn’t work properly. (Or rather the cart works fine but PayPal won’t play ball with it) it takes the money but doesn’t deliver the link to the customer and then sends me a IPN error message. Also with rapid cart pro, it seems to generate its own random order number which means I cannot identify what product the customer bought. At my wits end with it now as i can’t afford the engage the services of a professional web developer and ive drawn a blank.
I emailed my web host in case is was something on their side blocking PayPal but they simply said it was nothing to do with them. completely stumped and ready to quit.

Here is some of the text i get in the emails i receive

PayPal IPN error

Payment is not valid.

RapidLink version: RapidLink v.1.5.3 (206)

PayPal data:

** [mc_gross] => 15.00**
** [protection_eligibility] => Eligible**
** [address_status] => confirmed**
** [item_number1] => 5C980A8FD6B68**
** [payer_id] => 4HK483VPCEGKQ**
** [tax] => 0.00**

Do you actually have the Instant Payment Notifications turned on in your PayPal account?

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i believe so but i’m not sure what it should say in the notification URL box.

Here are the steps in the instructions for PayPal setup.

I would go through this step by step and make sure it’s correct.
I dint know if RCP takes advantage of IPN if it doesn’t, you will want to turn that off in PayPal

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thank-you for taking the time to send me that information. pretty sure i’ve done all that. and ive configured the Amazon S3 service correctly but still nothing.
i can’t seem seem to send products manually from rapid weaver either, i have to find them on my hard drive and send them via email.

Well since I’m not a RCP user I would suggest you email support
I’m sure they will get you going.

Thanks for your suggestions. I don’t quite know how I did it but I’ve solved the problem just about.
Now have a whole set of new ones… but that’s how it goes!

hi Jim - any idea how you got around this? - having the same problem with an ebook store since around July 2018. I’ve contacted Foreground who wanted me to upgrade to RapidCart Pro . . . looks as if you made that move but still had problems!

Hi, are you having an issue with PayPal not sending you instant PayPal notification. I think the old rapid cart 3 and rapid link combo isn’t set up for the new PayPal security thing and as it’s now old software it’s not supported anymore. Spend months digging around the internet for a solution with no luck. Made the switch to pro and finally got sorted.

To be honest, I freaked out about having to learn to use rapid cart pro and redo my shop page but actually once I got my head round it it’s much quicker and easier ( after the initial set up) to add your products and alter things. You need and Amazon Web Services account to go with it but it’s free (up to a certain amount of space) so if your files aren’t too big you shouldn’t get to the point where you’d need to pay. Just google Amazon S3 to get it and then you set up a bucket. I had an issue with that at first. it wasn’t sending out the download link but I changed the location on my amazon bucket from London UK it Ohio US and it randomly started working. I won’t even pretend to have a clue why but try it and see if it makes a difference. Sorry if it’s a bit vague I’m very much NOT a web developer so I’m just feeling my way through it all.

hi Jim -
the problems I came across were exactly as you described, and like you I’ve been unable to get my head around it and yours is the first mention I’ve seen on the internet. Luckily I too got PayPal emails and could send links to the buyers because PayPal was accepting all payments. I’ll follow your suggestion about updating to RapidCart Pro & Amazon Web Services - many thanks for your help

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