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Hi -
received a message from PayPal - “Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notifications (IPN). Instant Payment Notifications sent to the following URL(s) are failing:”
checked my PayPal account details and the IPN notification URL was pointing to a page on a previous version of my site (Rapid Weaver 6 & RapidCart / Rapid Link) . . . that page has since been deleted and the whole store has been re-built with RapidWeaver 8 & Rapid Cart Pro 4.17.2.

Do I need to create a single page for this notification URL, if so what should that page be? On PayPal I’ve changed the IPN notification URL to my home page – https://www.cromen.co.uk/ – but not sure if this is enough.

Website is www.cromen.co.uk which has two stores -
https://www.cromen.co.uk/cy/index.php (Welsh version)
https://www.cromen.co.uk/en/index.php (English version)

The old Notification URL was created about 6 years ago but I can’t remember how it was done –

many thanks for any help - bedwyr

@rob @gibo

Just remove IPN URL from PayPal settings.

thanks for your reply,
settings now changed to - “Do not receive IPN messages (Disabled)” - is this correct? - deleting URL brings up a warning “You must enter a properly formatted URL into the Notification URL field in order to activate Instant Payment Notification”

On another point, the old RapidLink used to send an email saying that the buyer had downloaded the e-book - am I right that this doesn’t happen now with RapidCart Pro Advanced?

hope all this is now OK - many thanks - bedwyr

Yes, correct.

RapidCart Pro already integrates digital delivery.

hi Rob -
thanks very much for your replies – puts my mind at rest! -
diolch - bedwyr

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