PaySnap Frustration

I have a page with 3 services on it. I want each service to have an Add to Cart button. I added the PaySnap Item stack to the page and then 1 PaySnap button to the Item stack. That worked. When I try to add a 2nd button to that same Item stack, a window opens asking for a serial number or to purchase more stacks which I don’t have (I never received one). I tried adding a second Item stack to the same page but get that same serial number/purchase stacks window. I did purchase the PaySnap suite. I’m stumped!

Did you add a PaySnap Base stack?

Sounds like you are using an unregistered copy of the Stacks plugin?

Stack elements, like PaySnap, do not require registration to work properly.

I purchased and downloaded the PaySnap suite of stacks.

I thought I read to use the PaySnap Item stack as the container for all of the other PaySnap stacks. But it looks like maybe the base stack is the first one to use. I’ll try that.

Base has to be once on each page

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Paysnap only works with the Stacks plugin.

Paysnap is useless without the primary Stacks plugin.

Here is a link to purchase the Stacks plugin, required for using any stack.

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