PaySnap Won't Open Cart on Add

PaySnap from Yabdab is a great paying stack. It works great on one of my sites. I am now working on another site with it and have a problem. I want the buttons to open the cart on Add. There is a checkbox in the base stack that says “Open cart on Add” and I have that checked. Still the buttons only get a check mark when you click them… the cart does not open… that is my problem… I am getting simply a check mark confirmation of click instead of the cart opening… Any ideas? I have Rapidweaver 8, and PaySnap 3.01. I have not upgraded my stacks software in awhile because I tried once and it didn’t go well… same with Rapidweaver upgrades after 8. Problems. But what I have works for all stacks I’ve used… which is many… my site is… you can find a BUY UPGRADE button if you scroll down a bit… is it because my shopping area is itself a pop up… and the cart is a pop up… can you only have one pop up open at once ?

Works for me on desktop and mobile. Or do I miss something?

(btw: the features section has no index page and your server is set to allow directory listings, you should fix that)

Yes, I got it working yesterday. The problem was simple… it requires you to copy to your server the RW_Common folder and I missed that… when I copied that folder to my server then everything worked. It’s an awesome stack. I can’t say enough good about PaySnap… it allows you to make simple store fronts, display products with options, sell though Stripe or PayPal… it’s got a great interface. What does it mean my server is set to all directory listings… well I get what it means prima face… it’s a clear sentence… what does having those allowed do? Is that an opening to hackers? Any idea how to turn it off? I’m really new to servers, although I own my own and run it it is still a mystery to me… it is Macintosh, Apache, and MAMP Pro to run the Apache…


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