Paysnap not working

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I had payloom working on an old RW site but it is no longer working so i bought paysnap and rebuilt the page as I needed to make changes to the site and was not able to publish without the plugin. The page will load, but if I click the add to cart button, I get a sliver of a window and a spinning blue ball. Popups are enabled on Safari. Same thing happens on chrome.
Any ideas? Seems that Mike is on vacation. Thought i would try here first…

(Rob Beattie) #2

I get the same on Chrome on a Mac. Looks as though something is preventing the pop up window from displaying properly?

I don’t have Paysnap so can’t help further I’m afraid.


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(Joe Martin) #4

Still working with a site just published:

(wendi ) #5

thanks - can’t figure out what is incorrect

(Joe Martin) #6

Do you have any css or add-ons on the paysnap page?

(wendi ) #7

no css or addons
but I have something wrong cause I can now preview it in RW and it’s doing the same thing

(Rob Beattie) #8

Can you make a copy of the page and then take everything off it.

Then put stuff back, starting with Paysnap until it breaks?

Might also be worth just copying that page into a new project and trying it with a different theme.


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