SOLVED: Paysnap disabling scrolling

Hi Folks,

Pretty much what the subject line says, really.

I’ve got a prototype page working - Foundation, a few stacks, nothing particularly demanding or odd. Adding in a price table with PaySnap items and buttons. But… every time I enable PaySnap by adding in the PaySnap base, scrolling gets disabled on the page.

It took a long time to track this error down - work discarded, etc., but I am now sure it’s the PaySnap base. Has anyone come across this before?

Thanks in advance.


I have a little bit more on this now. A simple page with a few Paragraph Pros, a banner (Either Impact or SuperHero) and the PaySnap base - the banner doesn’t show, the page doesn’t scroll.

I guess I’ll talk to the YabDab folk

Hey, I know I’m talking to myself, but still…

The YabDab support team have suggested I ask the makers of Superhero (Doobox), or Impact (@joeworkman) why PaySnap breaks their image stacks - which kind of seems like the wrong way round to me. So I guess PaySnap is now consigned to the ‘no use anymore’ bin of stacks.

As you were…


Hey Gavin, if you want to send in a ticket to support(at)joeworkman(dot)net with a link to a project file (attached files have to be less then 1MB) so we can look at it, I can not make any promises, but maybe we will find something.


Thanks - I’ll do that…



It’s on its way to you…


The good folk at Joe Workman took the trouble to take a look at the files and found that there is an issue with the most recent version of PaySnap (see error attached), so don’t update if you haven’t already. I’ve written to the folk at YabDab, but they haven’t been much help thus far, so I’m not hopeful for a quick solution.

Excellent work, though, @zeebe - thanks a lot.


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Mike from Yabdab has been in touch and sent me a fix - I expect they’ll be pushing it out everywhere.

So, issue solved - thanks once again to the good folk of Joe Workman’s team, and the Yabdab chaps.


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