Paysnap and republishing pages

I’m not sure if this is an issue as such, or something odd with my setup. So before I contact the deb i wanted to ask the question here.

I’ve a few sites using Paysnap, which is really bloody good BTW!

I’ve noticed that if I change a page on the site, other than the one with Paysnap on it, Paysnap hits problems on the live site once the publish is complete. This ranges from not being able to connect to Stripe, to products not displaying correctly.

To fix it I need to republish the Paysnap page.

This isn’t framework-specific, as it’s happening on three of the frameworks I use.

I don’t think it’s directly connected to Paysnap (in theory) as when the edit isn’t on the Paysnap page, and RW doesn’t decide to republish all pages (annoying!) nothing to do with Paysnap has been changed. At least, as I say, in theory.

But, this is now a pretty consistent issue for me, at least across three sites.

Anyone else seeing anything similar?

This is odd. I use Paysnap on a few websites and so far never had any issues.


Damn, I was just about to move over to Paysnap for some smaller projects.

Hang on. I made it really clear in the initial post that I don’t even think this is related to Paysnap, so really, I’m not sure what you gain from such a comment?

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Apologize, I didn’t want to offend you.

I was just expressing my fear that the combination of RW, Stacks and Paysnap might not be as reliable as it should be. Especially, as I wanted to move away from the PayPal-Stack to Paysnap to support Stripe as-well.

You haven’t offended me, I just don’t want this thread to disappear off into a “paysnap doesn’t work so I’m not buying it” direction. As that would be unfair to the dev and the product.

At the moment the issue seems to be specific to me, as no one else has said they too see this. So you should crack on with your consideration of Paysnap, which I have gone to lengths to say is very good. If… IF… Others report seeing the issue I am seeing, then it’s time to reconsider. But as I also said, I doubt that will happen as I don’t even think this is a Paysnap issue. But before I can start to dig down into this, I’m trying to get some feed back from others.


Good point.

I have a small project of a local jewelry designer comming up in the next weeks, I will implement Paysnap on this site.

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