PDF issue on mobile devices

website is: kilcoyairfield.club. Issue is regarding PDFs. Under “Club Business”, you’ll find 3 sub-categories, all containing PDFs. PDFs work fine on desktop but either don’t show up at all or only first page on mobile devices. I have now tried with 2 different themes to no avail. I am using Joe Workman’s PDF EMBED. I have been back and forth with them a fair bit and they haven’t been able to help.

Desperate to get these important documents up and running on all devices. Any help greatly appreciated

PDF display on iOS devices is very problematic, regardless of the theme, stack or publishing platform used. If you search Google, you’ll see thousands of people with the same problem. The “only first page displaying” issue is a well known problem; alongside other issues like scrolling not working, incorrect zooming, wrong rotation or files simply not displaying if they are too large or contain too many graphics.

The simple solution is to avoid the display of PDFs on your website altogether for iOS / Android users. Instead, use something like RottenApple to conditionally hide the PDF stacks on certain devices and replace them with a download button instead. You’ll probably find that a PDF downloaded and opened in the native PDF viewer on iOS works far better.

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