Pdf problems - embedding or stack with scrollbars

hi guys and neighbours,
i am designing a site with “screens” and i have to embed the “general terms and conditions” which are just about as long as apple’s ios conditions :slight_smile: now, 3 possibilities: either @joeworkman s “pdf embed” which i tried without any luck… i put the pdf file directly on the server, copied the link, inserted it, no luck. then i put into my dropbox, copied link, inserted, still no luck. secondly put the pdf into a stack from which i can download directly without showing it on the page. “screen” is rather stingy with depth of the page :frowning: thirdly: i seem to remember that there is a text stack with scrollbars on the side.
i would be really very grateful for any help i can get!
cheers, tomas

I am using the PDF Embed stack from JW. For that, pdf files must be in resources folder.

Click on the “+” sign in the upper left corner of your RapidWeaver window and select “Add folder”. Name that folder something like “PDF”, then drag your pdf files from the Finder to that new folder in RW. Then, link them from there.

It is not necessary that the pdf be in the folder resources. You can type the URL of the file, but note that it does not work in preview. Go to the file menu and select RW "Preview Page in…”

This also applies to Will Woodgate’s (free) Embed stack https://stacks4stacks.com/embed


Thomas I have just linked it to open in a new tab or have used Joe’s Expose to create a modal dialog. The latter is pretty slick! (see link below)


When you say no luck, is that on a published page or in RapidWeaver preview??
Give me a URL to any PDF and I bet i can get you a published page with it working.