Permissions issues

In creating a new site on a hard drive I’ve been using for ages, all of a sudden Rapidweaver is saying it can’t save it because I don’t have permission.

The new site does not have the same name as any other site I have saved on the external hard drive. I have not changed any permissions on that hard drive.

A similar problem occurred when I copied a blank template for another site. When I tried to open the copy it said I didn’t have permission. I checked the permissions and read / write was enabled.

Can anyone help me please.


Hi Mike,

I think this has nothing to do with RW. I used to have this problem when working on a company server. Maybe you can find a solution here?


It actually cleared after I restarted my machine. So I guess Rapidweaver had left something in a preferences folder of some kind that hadn’t cleared in normal use but once restarted it cleared.

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