Phenom theme images not displaying on Preview

I bought Brandon Lee’s Phenom theme in 2015. After upgrading to RW7 on a Retina iMac, banner images no longer display on Preview (although they render accurately when published). Is there an update available for the theme or a fix within RW7? I wrote to Brandon Lee for support but have not heard back. If anyone knows the fix, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Since I posted, Brandon has replied helped me solve the problem. Strangely, the theme (or maybe the updated version of the theme) was not moved over to RW7 even though it showed in the add-on. I have to redownload the theme then reinstall while RW7 is open. Now preview function is back to normal. I just want to update in case others have similar problems and also to set the record straight that BL Theme does provide good and timely support!

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