Banners flash and crash

I just updated from RW6 to RW7.
I use the Brandon Lee Sofisticated theme. I have a banner on top of each page.
Everytime I hit preview, I have a quick flash of the banner which is instantly replaced by a question mark.
All banners are named banner_1, banner_2, etc. all visible in the ressources column, relinked successfully with blue dot. Impossible to see the banner in the Firefox preview.
Do you know why and how I can fix the problem ?
I don’t wan’t to upload the site modifications as long as the problem is not fixed in preview .
Thanks for your help.
Imac Retina 5K Running El Capitan.

Have you named them banner_1.jpg etc? i.e. added the suffix ‘.jpg’

That’s what the Tutorial tells you to do.

Hello Robbeattie,
Thanks for your answer.
YES indeed I did name them banner_1.jpg, etc

I have done banners before, it always worked fine on RW6 with the same theme and stacks.

I don’t understand the reason. I can click on the banner in the ressources column, I can see it, I can see where the file is, I relink to it for sure, I have the “ok” blue dot next to it in the column,

and still, when in preview mode, the banner flashes one hundredth of a sec and then I get the question mark… ditto using the Firefox preview mode.

Difficult to help without a URL. Can you make a copy of the page, call it ‘bannertest’, hide it from your navigation and then publish? Then share the URL and I - or someone else - could take a look?


Thanks for your answer.
The issue is clearly with RW7.

I have no problem using RW6.

Everything works fine. Slides and banners are visible in Preview mode and properly uploaded to the server.

I opened the RW6 file with RW7 and I realize that slides and banners are not visible anymore in Preview mode

and also some of my website visuals, but not all, are gone as well, replaced by question marks as well.

But the files didn’t change location on my hd.

Maybe they weren’t copied properly on the RW7 version of the project ?

I haven’t much time right now, so I used old RW6 to upload the site again and be sure it works…

I wish I could use RW7 since I bought it…

Is there another, better, safer way to transfer an RW6 project to RW7 than just to open it with RW7 ?


Sorry Rob but
I don’t know how to create a new hidden page using RW7 and upload it without uploading the rest of the site as well with RW7

and until the banner problem is solved I 'd rather keep the online RW6 working version safe and untouched…

Would a capture of the source code for a page be of any help ?

Since the problem happened with a Brandon Lee theme, I asked for his support but the bug wasn’t found yet.

I re-downloaded a fresh RW7, no difference.

I checked with a different project, same problem occurs when there are banners, some pictures in the page get lost as well but not all of them and I can’t find a reason

Thanks for your help.


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