Weird stuff happening in my RW-7

I am working in theme Multi-Anima, RW-7. Upload my page. Next day when I’m back to work on it all photos and graphics are not there. Then I have to repeat the procedure again? What I’m doing wrong? Any help will be appreciated.

Thank’s in advance to all.

Now the same thing happens using Mult-Lode, It have to be me, or themes?

When you say “not there”, do you mean Edit mode, Preview mode, or your live website?

Something similar just happened to me this evening. I couldn’t preview or export. I updated Stacks to v. 3.2.3, opened my project and everything seems to work now.

Edit mode, preview mode, but where uploaded to the website.

I don’t know if you are in the habit of leaving your computer “on” all the time (some people do that), but if you are, restarting your Mac and RW may cure different kinds of problems caused by faulty memory chips in the Mac. Your problem may be originating someplace different, but try my suggestion, anyway and see what happens.

Gracias for you input Rob D. I turn my Mac off at 5PM. Will try everything, I keep you posted.