Photo album background colors

(Peg Baldwin) #1

I have a (draft) page here that is a RapidWeaver original photo album, using the theme “Split”.

When I click on the thumbnails to take me to the gallery, the background colours are really dark and hide the text and links and I cannot find in the inspector colour choices how to change it.

I even went so far as to make the page the wildest possible colours, to help me figure out which setting I need to change, but nothing in the ‘gallery’ changes, it is still shades of really dark grey.

Any insight or code would be most appreciated.

(scott williams) #2{
background-color: PUT YOUR COLOR HERE ;

background-color: rgba(180, 192, 186, 0.68);

(Peg Baldwin) #3

Scott … MOST appreciated! Brilliant. :slight_smile:

(Flavio Stiffan) #4

Thanks Scott! Great input… used it today!