Photo album color background


First of all, it’s great to have an html photo album instead of flash photo album.

Default Rapidweaver 7 photo album have a black background when images don’t full up the frame. Is it or will it be possible to change this color?

In the same way is it or will it be possible to change caption’s specification (font, color, size, position, …)?

Thank you.

Should be able to change it. Not at my Mac right now, but if no one else can help you I’ll take a look later today. An URL might help someone help you.

The black background is being set in theme.
This should change the color to a light gray. You can change it to any color you would like.

#content {
	background: #ccc;

If you want to center on the page try this a:

#monoslideshowHolder {
	margin: 0 auto;
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Thank you Doug. But it’s too hard for me to change CSS… I will wait a photo album plugin upgrade…

The background color is controlled by the theme, not the plug-in. You didn’t say what theme you are using, but unless the theme developer chooses to change or make this a setting, your going to be stuck with this color.

The dark background is just the photo album one and not the background of the page. The theme is Simple. The color is Grey.
The photo album background color flash plugin in RW 5 was white. But now it’s not. I think the control of the color is inside the plugin code made by Monoslideshow. So I hope RW developpers will ask Monoslideshow owner to make some changes.


If you want the background white again, try this in your Settings > Code area:

.monoslideshow-background {
  background-color: white !important;

Before the code:

After the code:


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Waouh ! It works! Thank you very much!
I will try other CSS to change caption design…
Thank you again!


For caption, try this CSS code in the same place and adjust to your needs:

.thumbnail-caption {
  font: 15px arial, sans-serif;
  color: black;
  text-align: left;




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This CSS code works:

.monoslideshow-description {
font-size: 13px !important;
color: white !important;