Photo Album - images very large

I upgraded to Catalina last month and RW 8 last night. (All good thanks to the help I received yesterday and today).

I still have a little niggle regarding how my thumbnails are opening.

I created this very simple website for myself a few years ago using Lander theme. The photos were inserted into photo album style pages, no stacks were used.

Now what seems to be happening is, on the published site when you click on a thumbnail to view a larger image they open very large only showing about half the image and you have to scroll down to see the rest of it. They used to just open as a square image centred on the screen so no scrolling was required. This is not what I see in Preview - the image size looks perfect. It’s only when you visit my published site that the problem is visible.

I’ve had a good look around the settings etc but can’t see anything obvious. I tried unchecking the Scale Images box but that made no difference. I tried changing the image size from 640 to make it smaller but it just made it really blurred.

Another thing I noticed - the photos in the individual Exhibitions folders when enlarged are showing code in black text at the bottom of each photo that wasn’t there before - for example

sold” width+”640” height=“615”/>

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m using a 27" Mac. Here is a link to my website if it helps.

Many thanks

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