Preview of photos stopped working

Hi all my other pages appear as normal in Preview but when I click on the individual photos they open showing the plain text mode. I can’t get them to show properly. This has just happened recently. The only thing I’ve done in recent weeks is upgrade to Catalina but I didn’t upgrade RapidWeaver first - I’m still in RapidWeaver 7.5.7.

Can anyone advise please.

Can you give us a link to the website?



Rob I haven’t published it since I noticed this problem. So the page is currently showing as normal as I last published it over a month ago. What prompted me to check my website on RapidWeaver today was someone pointed out that my images were opening very large on their desktop computer and they had to scroll up and down the image - that’s never been the case before so I was suspicious something had happened.

@MaryD This may a bit of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Hard to really help thoroughly without a link to the current problem.

However, with a brief look what I’ve noticed is your website doe seem to be responsive in general, but the paintings can get quite large, where I have to scroll, depending how how wide my browser space is on my computer. (And some computers have “wider” screens than others.)

It would help to at least know how you placed the images. What stack, or stacks, were you using?

Hi, Mary,

This is most likely the reason for your problem. You should at least update your stacks used for placing images on your pages. I would also update RW and Stacks plugin.

Hi thanks Mathew and Rob D the photos are on a RapidWeaver photo album style page so as far I’m aware no plugins are involved. (I did purchase Stacks for a “Visit my Garden” page I created later but for the basic paintings website I simply used the basic pages that came with the RapidWeaver theme.

Do you think it’s still okay for me to update RW? I’m nervous :slight_smile:

Catalina introduced a plethora of various problems. RW 7.5.7 has been developed long before Catalina, so yes, updating RW would be beneficial, IMHO.

Also, if you already have Stacks, there is few stacks-based galleries that are much more flexible and attractive than the built-in gallery plugin page.

Can you tell me which one to click on - do I buy, upgrade or click on the license buttons? Sorry long time since I did this. Thanks for help tonight

“Upgrade” should be your choice.

Thanks Rob - I’m doing it now but just wanted to double check with you - I clicked on Upgrade and it says £53.89 buy now and receive your license immediately. I already have a licence. Am I just updating my licence?

Every major version of RW comes with a new license key, so yes, you will need to enter the new license key when you open RW 8 (unless you want to run it in demo mode, of course).

Ah thanks - I will go with the new license key - sorry so many questions. Just wanted to make sure what I was doing.

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Unfortunately not having much luck here. I’ve purchased, I have an email with my new licence key, and instructions on what to do next. I click on the DOWNLOAD button in the email, the application looks as if its going into the Download folder in the menu bar but when I click on it I get the message "The application “RapidWeaver” can’t be opened. -47. I’ve tried a couple of times but no luck. I’ve clicked on the question mark a few times but all I get is a blank page opening. Anybody any thoughts what I should try next? Thanks.

Looks like you had it open before from the screenshot.

Did you redownload it for some reason?

Are you running it from the applications folder?

If the version you downloaded before (the one you hit the upgrade button on) will still open then just use it. Hit the activate License button.

Thanks Doug - I’m trying that now. I’ve activated the license and am now in. Just dealing with the message that’s popped up saying “Rapidweaver has detected missing resources in this project”. I’ve now got a list of files to go through - not totally sure what’s gone wrong but think I’ll revisit it with fresh eyes in the morning. Thanks to all for your help tonight.

Good morning - I’m pleased to report I’ve had a huge bit of success with my upgrade to RW 8! I managed to re-link most of the missing resources from my project, published my site and it all went very smoothly.

The original problem I had of photos in Preview not working has also been resolved so thank you to all for your help.

I do have another couple of issues but I guess I’m best to post them under a new thread.

Thanks again, Mary

Just make sure to go into Settings -> Advanced and select to copy all ressources into the document. So that you will not have to relink the files again at a later stage…


Ah - thank you - have now done that.

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