Photo Album page not working since upgrading to 7.3.3

(Tony Furniss) #1

My Photo Album page has stopped working since upgrading to 7.3.3

I have since upgraded to RW 7.4. and the problem persists.

The photo that I want to add on my website appears in Edit mode and Preview mode, but the Publish option stays “greyed out”.

I don’t get the option to upload to the server.

The problem appears to be the Photo Album page within my copy of RW 7.3.3, now 7.4

I have tried renaming the photo to just one word.jpg, but that didn’t work.

Style Text pages (with photos) upload OK, so it is not my Publishing Paths.

The problem effects any photo, on any of my Photo Album pages.

I have just noticed that I cannot even delete a photo.

If I try, the Publish option stays “greyed out”.

Any help would be much appreciated.



(Jan Fuellemann) #2

Can you right-click on the page and select “Mark as changed” or “Publish page”?

(Tony Furniss) #3

Both of your “workarounds” work.

Thanks a lot.

I wonder why RW does not work properly?

Thanks again.


(Lisa Sandler) #4

Not to be snarky, but things to need to be updated. User error or misunderstanding of how RW works is usually the answer.