RW8 Bug in Photo Album

When I create a new Photo Album with RW8 and choose the Gallery Album Type the images are not displayed. If I choose Slideshow Album Type the images are there. The images have all been dragged in from the Resources tab. The screenshot follows…

Thanks for the heads-up on this, we’re looking into it and will let you know if we need any more details.


Just to update you on this issue, we can’t re-create the problem here.

Can you give us a little more information on where the resources are from? The fact they display as “null” would seem to suggest RapidWeaver can’t find them…

Can you also send us your project file? email with a reference to this thread.

Thanks for the quick response. Here is the error message associated with the jpg that cannot be found when in Album Gallery Mode
Warning : file_get_contents(/private/var/folders/bc/h2vr22251tzf86mzcj2dw9hr0000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/29779/document-0x6040001f8300/RWDocumentPagePreview/photos/index_files/page2-1000-full.html): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /private/var/folders/bc/h2vr22251tzf86mzcj2dw9hr0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/31710076-688E-41A5-8DEB-B09495C3DC3F/d/RapidWeaver on line 167

The project file has been sent (via Mail Drop). Don

The (null) message is generated after I delete the text in the Title and/or Description in Gallery Settings . I do not want a Title or Description displayed as I have moved this info the the Page Sidebar.

I have some more information on the nature of this bug.

If the Gallery Title and/or Description are null/blank the jpg’s are not displayed.
If the Gallery Title and/or Description are populated then the jpg’s are displayed correctly.

In other words consider the Gallery Title and/or Description to be mandatory fields when using the Gallery mode.
Cheers, Don

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