Photo Gallery won't work in RW 8.9.1

I was using RW 8.8.3 until two days ago, and then updated to 8.9.1
Since then the Photo Gallery feature in RW doesn’t work. (I think it’s quite an old feature, with a page of thumbnails which can be clicked, dating back to early RW versions).
In ‘Write’ Mode the Gallery page looks like this - all the descriptions are there but there are ‘clocks’ instead of thumbnails on the left:

In ‘View’ Mode, nothing appears.
All the files associated with my Gallery are still in the same place on my Mac, nothing has been moved or altered. I have another Mac which has a copy of my site (but still using 8.8.3) and everything works there, so I think it must be an issue with the update.
So I can at least publish from my second (old) Mac, but I’d prefer to be working from the other one.

Any suggestions as to what I can do - or can I easily revert to 8.8.3?

You can get earlier versions of RW here

I have it working…depends on theme.
but I prefer stacks!!

I would guess that the project file started from a very old release of RW.

Way back then, images that are dragged into RW didn’t get copied into the project, but instead, just a pointer to the image on local Mac was created.

Somewhere in the update process, those pointers got confused.

My suggestion for a long-term solution would be to create a brand new project file, make sure the advanced setting is set to copy resources into the project, and rebuild the entire site.

Of course, that’s a great time to update other stuff.

That’s my hunch about what has happened, Doug.

Your solution is a great idea but surely I wouldn’t have to ‘rebuild the ENTIRE site’? Couldn’t I just rebuild the Gallery page somehow, perhaps by dragging the linked images into ‘Resources’?
I could try that anyway, nothing to lose. I can still publish the Gallery from 8.8.3 on my old Mac until such time as RW fix the issue.

I’d probably make sure you have a good backup first (sounds like you do)

The reason I suggested that you rebuild the entire site is, since I don’t know what other images you may have on other pages, this same thing could pop up later on another page. One that might not be so obvious to see as an entire gallery page.

It’s just the way I’d do it, but you can go to the way you feel comfortable with.

It’s not usually that difficult to open up a new project file in another window and start copying stuff over.

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