Photo Gallery "Center" on The Page Help

(Greg) #1

I’m new to RapidWeaver, I’m using release 7.3.3, and ran into an issue with the photo gallery. I started a new project with a few pages of text and a few pages where I selected a photo gallery. This is a very basic website that I am building. The issue is that the photo gallery is not centered on the page. The photo gallery is set to be a slideshow. You would think there would be a setting in the “Inspector” panel to center the slideshow, but there isn’t. I’m using the Modern Grunge theme, and I cannot figure out how to center the gallery on the page. I have hidden the side bar because I don’t need it. Can someone help me figure out what to do? The gallery is defaulting to the left side of the page and it just doesn’t look great on the page without being centered. Is there some CSS code or something that I’m missing?

(A J) #2

Sidebar is enabled by default and if you are not using for anything, just hide it. To do that go to the Sources List on the left of your edit page & scroll down to Master Style and select it. Now click on one of the Inspector icons on the top right side of your edit screen and scroll down to Sidebar and select Hide.

(Greg) #3

Thanks, The sidebar was easy to figure out. I just need to figure out how to center the photo gallery on the page and I will be done.

(Lisa Sandler) #4

link? screenshot? Hard to help without.

(Greg) #5

It’s not a live website, so I don’t have a link. Here is a screenshot so you can see what I’m talking about.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 5.52.45 PM

(Lisa Sandler) #6

Need the settings for the slideshow. Click on the slideshow stack and screenshot the settings in the panel.

(Doug Bennett) #7

Looks like you are using the included photo album plug in?

If so try adding this CSS to the page:

#monoslideshowHolder {
	margin: 0 auto;

(Greg) #8

Doug, your are a genius! that was exactly what I needed. That centered the slide show on the page. Thanks for your help!