New User - slideshow questions

I am a new user testing out Rapid Weaver and trying to test the slideshow options.

First of all, the ‘Help - RapidWeaver Manual’ points to a non existing page, so that is a shame!!!

I got the slideshow to work, but cannot find a way to alter the slideshow controls (size, style, colour), the position in the preview for the slideshow and it the same size in the ‘iPhone’ preview, despite the various ‘scale’ options for the slideshows being activated. I am sure these can be controlled, but unsure how to do this.

Any advice or a pointer to the correct ‘manual’ pages would be helpful.

The site will be for my artist wife where she wants slideshows of her work and very simple and clean layout with things lining up in the middle of the page.


Hi Chris @CT66KG, welcome to the forums…

There is no manual for RapidWeaver 6.x, there was some FAQ pages available but as they are currently in a site rebuild, they are offline but working on it (timeframe unknown)

I’m assuming…

RapidWeaver 6.3.8
Photo Gallery Page Type
Theme? Unknown

iPhone preview is a representation not an actual view, to view properly, use your iPhone.

You will have to use CSS to customize the control color, I don’t think you can customize any of the other controls settings though as it is a default page type (depending on theme used of course).

Hope that helps

Thanks Brad for the quick answer. Yes, using 6.3.8 RW, photo gallery and tried several themes (Split, Simple, etc).

On a broader question (though related)…I have had to upgrade the Mac OS from Snow Leopard and so now the NVu software for website creation no longer works. Can I import or use items in the pages I wrote with NVu, which presumably will include CSS controls for the slideshow. I am not experienced at all with using CSS, so starting from scratch here will take a while to master.

The site I am seeking to emulate or preferably improve is


Hi Chris

You’re going to have to invest in a specific PhotoGallery Plugin (Page Type) to get the functionality you desire. All Page types that come with RapidWeaver are good but not professional if you know what I mean…

Some Gallery Plugins are available for viewing here… on the RapidWeaver Community Site

There are other options as well, such as using Stacks… but you need to buy the Stacks Manager from YourHead software to use those…

Regarding NVu, no idea as I have not used it, but typically you would copy over content and paste it in using Edit → Paste as Plain Text and format it inside RapidWeaver.