Photo gallery with download options

Need to create a photo gallery with options to download in (ideally) 3 sizes although 2 will do. Any ideas on a good way to do this? There are a lot of images so would rather not use lots of individual stacks such as true-download from doobox - good as it is, there would be too many stacks on the page

Try ProGallery
This Gallery has a download option and is one of the best gallery stacks available at the moment too.

ProGallery has a “one” size download option.

You need 2/3 buttons then for small/medium/full size?

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not really - but small and large would be nice. It can be done manually of course but with 100+ images quite a big job. I’ll take a look at pro-gallery.

better than none :wink:
For three sizes simple use 3 Galleries with different sizes. Ask the users before you show the gallery what size he like to download, than load the gallery with the selected size.