Something better than PaySnap and 'Gallery' advice please?


Please could anyone be so kind as to look at my website and help me with two issues?

  1. Is there anyway I can add some code to the stack to make the ‘click to enlarge’ text smaller, so that it works more aesthetically.

and even/or better…

  1. Please advice me of a less clunky way of making a site that functions like mine does (i.e.thumbnail images that click through to the larger image with further details). My way of building my site seems laborious.

I used to sell through my site, but now I rely on galleries so the paysnap function is no longer necessary…

Thank you :pray:

Hi @Pipspaws,

If you add this code:

.paysnap-show-details {
               font-size: 1.0rem;


… that bit of text should be a bit smaller. You can play around with the “1.2rem” bit of the code (the smaller the value, the smaller the text will be).

As for your second question:

Building galleries is labour intensive. There are automated solutions out there, but they can be a bit expensive. If time is money, they might be worth the investment though.

Gallery 3 ($40, inStacks Software) is one of those. It allows you to put the images in a folder on your webserver (and label them) using an FTP client like CyberDuck or Transmission, and then the Gallery 3 Stack will use those files and labels to build a gallery for you, automatically.

ProGallery ($30, is a similar product, but slightly cheaper. It allows you to configure how the gallery works a little more than Gallery 3 does, but you’ll need to use a CSV file to do so.


Slightly incorrect; ProGallery 3 supports various image sources, not just CSV. You can easily add images individually or give it a relative path to a RW resources folder or web directory of images for it to use. There are multiple ways to add images to a ProGallery instance. Please try the free trial version to see for yourself.

If you are a member of my Discord group, you’ll see I also started to share a few details of the forthcoming Pro Gallery 4 update on there a few weeks back. Soon Pro Gallery 4 will be the only gallery solution for RapidWeaver and StacksPro worth using when this major update is finished. A culmination of listening to what real artists and photographers want and several months of developing one of the most sophisticated gallery plugins available for any platform. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Heroic_Nonsense Thank you so much for the code, it has worked beautifully. Thank you also for the stacks advice - I will look in to both.

@willwood Hi Will, Thanks for the stacks input. I have looked at and see that your stack should work really well.

I have two questions please: Can I add text to the thumbnail page? Secondly, is it worth my waiting until v.4 before I purchase it?

Thanks, Debbie

I stand corrected Will (and so does my post)!


Titles and captions are feasible on both the thumbnail grid and the lightbox, using ProGallery 3.

I’ve sent you a private message regarding the pricing and availability of Pro Gallery 4. I can get you setup with something within the next couple of days and convert your existing gallery over to use Pro Gallery 4.