Photo Pro not working with Aspen theme

Hey folks,

Photo Pro gallery does not seem to be working on the Aspen theme. At least not for me!

The images in the Photo Pro gallery do not seem to load and the gallery seems to break the banner vid.

I’m using Photo Pro on another site I’ve built with no issues so I can only assume there is some sort of incompatibility with the Aspen theme. I could be wrong.

It’s worth noting that the Gallery 3 stack and original Photo stack are working fine with Aspen. It’s just Photo Pro that is not playing nice!

The site in question is here:

An example of a page that is not working is here: Enigma Equipment Made in Canada

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Discussing via email as well… I replied with…

The only time that I have seen this behavior is when trying to load images from a folder on the server and that folder does not exist.

It could be a PHP error. Look to see if there are any errors in the PHP error logs on the server. Every host puts them in different locations. Maybe in cpanel as well.

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Problem solved! Want to thank @joeworkman for the help with this issue. Great developer and excellent support.


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