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I am using Photo Pro. I have added images to my website in three places. Used the collection set up. when published. no photos show up, just a spinning gray circle. What have I missed. cannot figure this out. need help, Thanks,

Probably best to post on Joe Workmans support site.

Can you share more about your setup? Maybe give a url that we can look at? The pages the photo gallery. The drivers and through the years. No photos, just a gray spinning circle??

Ron Nelson

I see no photos in the page source. Can you describe your setup? How are you trying to get the images into the gallery?

I am using collections, then trying to create a thumbnail for that collection. It doesn’t show up on the collection site as it does in your tutorial. I wanted a page with four thumbnails and when you click on one it takes you to the collection. look at my website, and you will see spinning light gray circles. Just send me an email with step by step instructions as I must be doing something wrong when following the video. If you can’t do this refund my money and I will use stacks that I currently have.Thanks, Ron Nelson p.s. I need to fix this over the weekend.

Can you screenshot the settings?

I hope this helps.

drop in the box where you are supposed to.

ho photo showing up. Ron

Here is the original help file from Nick Cates. This might help you. Note that if you want to use the Collection option, you need to set the thumbnail options of the Resources Photo Group stack to 'Hide" and then add a thumbnail image for that group.

Not sure if you are using Foundation 1 or 6? Here is a simple F6 demo project.

Whilst on the subject of Photo Pro collections, how can you sort the order of the collected albums? I would have thought simply arranging them top to bottom would have sorted them left to right but it doesn’t. Is there some magic I’m missing? I looked at the original documentation on Nick Cates sites but it doesn’t mention anything about album order.

FWIW, I have 8 albums, 4 mono and 4 colour. I’d like to have the 4 colour as a row across the top and the 4 mono in a rw below. The grid OK but I can’t get the correct albums in the correct place.

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