Pro Gallery 2 Help Please

Will is on vacation this week. I have my page set to index.php for using Pro Gallery 2 with a warehoused images folder. When I try to go to the page, Safari downloads the page instead of opening the page. How do I fix this? Look here and click on the Machinery button. That’s where the Pro Gallery is and that’s the page set to index.php.

This is likely a sever config issue. It sounds like your server isn’t setup to serve PHP pages. I’d contact your hosting company.


Thanks Don. I did what you suggested. It seems to be working now. I will test more later.

You need to compress your photos. The photos are far too big.

See here:

Thanks @Kunstmaler, I do know that my images will need to be compressed. At the moment, I am just creating the site, and unfortunately, it looks like it will be a long time before I could even have the sale. Stay safe my RW friends.

When ready to compress: ImageOptim

Yep. Thanks. I do have that app.

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