Photos with '.heic' extension

For last few weeks, I can’t upload photos from my Mac Picture library. However, I noticed that this only concerns new pictures with ‘.heic’ extension. Older photos with ‘.jpeg’ extension are uploaded without any problem. Does anyone face the same challenge? What can be done?

I would suggest saving your images from .heic to something more compatible with web browsers like jpeg.

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.heic is Apple’s own compression format. Most browsers are not able to display them.

You can set your iPhone and the Photos app on your Mac to store photos in plain old JPG. Preview (the app on your Mac) can convert from .heic to .jpeg if needed.



Use Realmac’s Squash 3 to convert, compress and resize your photos. You can also add watermarks and symbols such a QR code or logo. Sample: Jin Travel Europe Food . Photos Info Links . Google Maps

if your images are in photos app when you drag them from photos to the desktop they should convert to jpeg I think