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Dear Colleagues
Recently I’ve been loosing my photos (dragged from my local folder directly into my pages using Stacks in RW8 latest version, I don’t know if I now have to store every photo I use inside the “Resources” folder inside RW; it wasn’t used to be like this in the past.
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Thank you Jan, could you be more specific? I don’t actually know what tagging mean!

Which version of RW?
Did you upgrade and then notice the problem?

Oh sorry. It is a way to bring someone into a discussion, in this case Tom from Realmac support. When you use the@ sign and start typing a name right behind it, you can select a name and this person gets a notice in his inbox. Otherwise he might overlook a post as there are quite a few here :slight_smile:

Thank you chuck and yes I upgraded and also at some point I used “Clean my Mac”, I don’t know if this had something to do with my concern, but I get only question marks all over the place.

Thank you Jan for the info

Either one of those actions could have caused the problem. But if the problem is continuous, I would not use “Clean My Mac” and think that it is the likely cause. But at this point, it is only the best guess.
I’m afraid you will have to replace the photos, but only one time. Stop using “Clean My Mac” and the problem should not reoccur, I think, and you should not have to change how you add photos, operation of RW should return to normal. When adding photos, “save” your work more frequently and see if that helps too :wink:
Storing your photos in resources is one way to organize them - there are other ways, but that is a separate issue for you to decide.

If the problem continues after disabling “Clean My Mac”, try posting here again. Good Luck.

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Clean my Mac has been found to be the culprit for quite a few problems. You can do a search for it here. Better do not use it any longer.

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Thank you guys for your valuable help; yes, I know I would have to engage my photos all over again and also to avoid using Clean my Mac in the future.
Fernando Biancardi

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