PHP not seeing data folder on MAMP or actual server

Sorry for this being so long. Hopefully a full explanation will help.

I’m about to do a personal episode of Deer Hunter with 6 in the gun instead of 1 if I can’t get this. I’ve been trying different things for days now and no luck.

I have RapidWeaver 6. Foundation, TotalCMS, and a bunch of other stacks that are called for. I know I’m ok in that department.

I have 7 or 8 other sites all running fine with RW etc, but this is the first one using php. So I get where to put things on a server normally. I know very little of php other than the concept.

I bought the BRIDGE template from Hipsterweaver to customize for a nice looking site and blog using the above stacks. So far so good. Well, other than the fact that they answer no support emails at all.

The BRIDGE template came with it’s own data folder to get things started.
I took BRIDGE and only added the URL name (which you have to do). CHEAPHITS.COM (it is online now to see)
It is supposed to run immediately out of the box if you just upload to a server.

But it didn’t. Opening RW, there were now warning notes on some pages.

I had to add CMS core, or CMS admin core to the particular pages that needed them (warning alerts made that obvious what goes where). So I’m good there too.

I uploaded all the RW files to the correct folder along with that data folder.

Here’s where it all goes sideways.

The full site loads and looks good. The regular pages (non admin, edit or login) all look fine. They are clearly going out and getting their data from the data folder and populating the pages of the blog. Basically the whole site is a blog with different ways of showing the same blogs.

So it looks ok so far. But then if you try to open a blog, it goes to a “Page not found” page. So you can’t read a blog.

In addition, if one goes to either the ADMIN or LOGIN links, they too don’t link to what they’re supposed to. You get this:
> The web address configured in Rapidweaver project ( does not match the published domain in your browser ( The CMS may not function properly until this is fixed.

Each of the ADMIN and LOGIN pages are supposed to look like black and white boxes that you’d click on to take you to the appropriate ‘add’ or ‘edit’ section. But they come up looking totally weird and unformatted.

So clearly the php is not finding what it’s looking for for editing/adding. I’ve also tried getting this to work in MAMP, using LOCALHOST:8888 with the exact same problems. So it would seem it can’t be the real server (IPAGE).

To compound things…both on the IPAGE server and on MAMP…I figured maybe the BRIDGE template is messed up somehow. So I went back to Joe Workman’s initial video of setting up Easy CMS and did the page exactly as he did it in the video, except using TotalCMS. Even used his ‘sample’ data and files.

But again, when I try to add a post or anything php related, I couldn’t. Then I closed it all, started a whole new site and tried just a simple one line text from one admin page to a content page, I can’t get it to save or see the php database that it’s supposed to be writing into.

MAMP is installed where it’s supposed to be in applications, and the files are all uploaded into htdocs. MAMP is directed to htdocs. PHP 5.6 is running. MAMP is current 4.04.

Lastly…it comes into play with the real server, not on MAMP so much…. The program/site or php seems to want to match the browser web address exactly. But all my browsers gray out the http://. So they don’t match. I can’t get rid of that designation in the RW Project settings, even to run this thing on MAMP and see if I can get it to run correctly.


Any ideas at all? Thanks.

Some possible fixes for those who read this with the same problem. I eventually got it. Somewhere along the way I started building with page folders using their RW defaults (page 2, page 3 etc). Then later on I changed them and used better descriptive names. That in turn had the newer server uploads looking for folders with nothing in them (because data etc was in the page 2, page 3 etc folders) not the new ones. It also made it so I couldn’t write new cms-data. Ultimately I did this work around.----Not elegant but it worked. ---- I kept the cms-data folder and copied it out of the domain root folder. I then erased everything in root so it all was blank. I then exported the whole site (with the better named page folders). Then I added a few new blog posts so that a new cms-data folder would be created with at least one of everything I was doing. I then went to the old cms-data folder and pulled out just the data (blogs) from the appropriate folders and put them into the new data folder where they should have been. Closed MAMP, closed RW. Restarted everything all over again. Browser went to localhost:8888 etc…and all worked exactly as it should. I then SAVED that RW main file like 8 different times just in case, so I can always go back and pick up from something I know works. : ) I have since added in other new cms-id sections and the data folder took them no problem and I’ve grown it all from there. Hopefully some of this helps you. This was my first php experience. It takes a while to get the idea of it all.