Local web server please

RW says El Capitain will not now show php pages in safari so with our show broadband I need a local web server . In the past I tried MAMP, XAMP, AAMPS but could never get any of them to work. Looks like I have to follow a tutorial and fiddle with vhosts, apache configuration and goodness knows what else…unless you know an easier path please?

If you have not yet, watch Joe’s Weavercast on MAMP, it might help you out.

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Another vote here for MAMP - sets itself up automatically, publish your RW site to the MAMP htdocs folder, start the MAMP servers - click ‘open web start page’, click ‘my website’ - choose your website folder, took me less than 5 minutes from download to viewing a site locally.

Just type that in terminal (in the folder of your exporter project)

php -S localhost:8080

No need for installing MAMP :slight_smile:

Gosh, thank you all. Did search but didn’t find the video. Will look now at least to see how to make the doc root my user/Sites (if I can be bothered to change it!). Also tried the terminal, Dave - oddly it came up with logging in from my airport express - but anyway having done that - Safari was still no help (typing localhost:8080/mysite or even mysite/)

@instacks – Jannis, could you explain your method in a little more detail, please? I have never had a luck with the MAMP method…

Got it - amazing! How can this work so easily when there are tutorials on getting apache and everything under the hood working together - and it just works!!! Thank you. Need to learn a few more terminal commands…

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Here it is: http://instacks.com/blog/?post=use-mac-osx-inbuilt-php-web-server

Wanted to record a video, did not find the time. Will be there later.

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Hi, Jannis,
Thanks for that brief and very clear tutorial…

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We ship latest versions of our RapidCart 4 Pro plugin with SmartPreview, which can be used to local preview PHP pages.

See it in action in this video. More info in RapidCart 4 Pro manual.

@jnorris235 @instacks
Sure, you can see PHP pages in Safari with El Capitan.
It’s easy. Just a right mouse click on the page in RapidWeaver, than preview page, choose Safari or another browser … now you can see your PHP page .

When you export the entire site and look with Safari, you see only the php code.
Then you need to follow the other ways, written in this thread.

I’ve never said you are not able to view PHP sites in preview :wink:
But, this preview is very limited.

Hi Jannis
I see the limitation.
In the preview, I can see the contact form, but it do not work.
In MAMP I see the page and I can test the function, … but the email is not really sent.

But I was surprised that it can be viewed with RW > preview with > Safari.
Not, when I export the entire site.

Z is the folder where I Export my RW project. It works!

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And or just wait for RW7 and preview in Safari

or use the beta