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Hi all,
A relative of mine is buying and selling cars in his spare time and of course he needs a website! He’s great with cars but a beginner with computers. So what I need for his site is an easy-to-use CMS where he can upload pictures and a description of the car. Of course it has to look great and some lightbox effects would be wonderful. I have a copy of Armadillo and although a great product it doesn’t do the job with pictures very well. He needs to be self-sufficient, I can’t prepare his texts and photo’s every week.
What stack or other product could do the job?

Regards, Bart

Hi Bart

I am not sure that any CMS solution out there currently has a lightbox effect built into it for images.

But the real problem (I think) is adding further cars to the page (with lightbox and description) with any CMS out there

For instance, using @yuzool DropKick CMS, if you have a lightbox stack with a drop zone, you could easily incorporate a DropKick CMS editable area into the lightbox for adding a picture, but adding more than one picture could be problematic.

Adding more cars would be problematic as well because most CMS solutions do not offer the ability to add pages or STACK type content only HTML, Markup, Images typically (video would fall under HTML typically as you would use a YouTube iframe content).

I can’t speak for all CMS solutions available for RapidWeaver, but perhaps you need something different than a RapidWeaver Solution like Typed.com or PulseCMS to better suit your needs.

Just throwing ideas out there as your needs are pretty specific.


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WeaverPix is not a stack but should fit your requirements quite nicely. There is a free demo to download and try:

You could enable the warehouse option in WeaverPix, that would allow your client to securly login and upload / manage image collections.

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If you can wait a bit, there is an AWESOME stack that works great with Joe’s Total CMS made by @instacks, you can read about it here

He even has a link to a demo where you can see it in action with the lightbox.

Also, @nickcates has a stack that will also have great Total CMS integration, called Photo. It is not ready to work quite yet with Total but he is working closely with Joe to make it work.


I just work at a similar project using TotalCMS by Joe Workman. The new TCMS Blog is in my eyes the best way to do that.