Pinned tab icon

(Alexander) #1

hi, can someone please let me know what file format the pinned tap icon supports?

apart from the fact that there is no manual i can’t find anything on the web.

thank you.

(NeilUK) #2

Is it the “Pinned Tab Icon” in the general settings?

If so, hovering over the place you put it gives you a tooltip. See screenshot.

(Alexander) #3

thank you so much. it seems i’m moving too fast to use tooltips…what a great idea!

no i just have to find a program that creates a compatible svg file. it didn’t work out with graphic converter, but the format might be the issue. anyway, thank you so much, i’m one step ahead now…

(Rob D) #4

One example of an app you can use is Affinity Designer.

(system) #5

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