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Hi J,

I purchased Platform a few days ago and so far I must say that it is excellent and almost does what I need via one of your pre-made sites (Gallery).
I am modifying it to suit my needs but what I need is an ID Number to appear next to each picture that I upload. I notice that there is a Caption option for each picture but when I enter text
it does not appear anywhere. Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong please.
No real response from your support dept.

Thanks Ed

Hi Ed,

presently, the “Caption” attribute will only be displayed in Lightbox view (see screen shot) and not in grid view.

I’ll see if I can include such an option in the next release.

Best regards,

Excellent, thanks for the info Jüergen, most appreciated. Sorry for cross posting.
Would certainly be very useful to have the option to include the Cation in both views.
Regards Ed

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