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@jay I know it is kind of counterintuitive, but I have been using the Stacks 4.0 Markdown stack in a site I am building with Platform and I have also tried using BWD’s Scribe stack. My reasoning is that outside of Rapidweaver, I use Markdown almost exclusively to process fairly large amounts of text and style them quickly for use in time critical news sites. Both Markdown stacks behave as expected within Platform (even Scribe’s drop capitals), with the sole exception of the various headers (#, ##, etc.), which simply don’t do anything.

So, is it possible to fully enable these Markdown stacks within Platform?

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Hi @channonite, I think this is a very good idea.

I’ll have to check what has to be done to make Platform respond properly to the formatting output of the markdown stacks.I am pretty sure, there is more than the headers which might require my attention :sweat_smile:

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Stacks Markdown and Scribe both output clean semantic HTML, even in edit mode so the normal styling from any theme should be applied. There are no odd codes, just plain old HTML tags h1 - h6, p, blockquote etc, they should therefore be completely adopted by the theme styles.


Thanks @tav, then it should be straight forward :railway_track:

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Good news. Thanks.

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