In praise of Markdown

I didn’t think much of it at the time - but after getting a bit of support from those great guys over at Foundry, they happened to mention that text content prepared and then displayed using the Markdown stack is the way to go. I’ve just recently started using Markdown (written using the brilliant free app MacDown) and pasted into Markdown stacks. Doing it this way really helps you concentrate on getting the words right - and getting the formatting just right too. If you haven’t tried Markdown in your RW project yet - give it a go.


BigWhiteDuck have the wonderful Scribe Stack: for markdown.
Have a look at this demo page there is just one Scribe stack here NOTE: Not one stack used multiple times, just 1 single stack.


Well there you go. I’ve been living in the dark ages! The only thing I’d say is that I personally really like the twin screen approach of MacDown. I can tweak away and see changes it as it happens - but Scribe Stack is amazing too - and it’s free!

Whoa - there is a lot in here: Scribe Stack!

There is nothing stopping you writing the Markdown in MacDown and then pasting it into the Scribe stack. Should work without any problems. Love the Scribe stack, would be my go to stack if I were still making sites.

Edit - Thanks for the tip, downloaded MacDown and playing with it now…


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