[Podcast] Ask us a question. Episode 41. 18th May

As always, @dan and I will be recording this weeks podcast on Wednesday. If you have a question about RapidWeaver, web development, or anything related to web sites, ask here.

We’ll do out best to answer your questions on the show :slight_smile:

Hello Mr. and Mr. Counsell

I have been using Rapidweaver since version 3.0 to create websites for my “career” as a jazz musician. In all of this time, I’ve never found a satisfactory stack or code to display the audio examples of my work. I’ve tried dozens of them over the years, but they never seem to have the full functionality I’m looking for, such as playlists and track name listing. It has seemed over the past decade that while there are countless stacks to embeding video - including built in pages in Rapidweaver - these is a scarcity of methods to embed audio. I’m wondering if you can tell me why this is, or point out how very wrong I am by suggesting options from the skilled developers out there. In the past I have chalked this discrepancy up to concerns about digital music piracy, but this should not prevent those of us looking to post our own music in a professional way from doing so. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or solutions for us musicians out here in the Weavosphere.

In other news, I’m traveling in Europe from Canada at the moment, and was delighted to get to try a “flat white” coffee that I’ve heard Dan speak so often about. To the best of my knowledge these are rare beasts in Toronto, so it was very nice to once again feel that Rapidweaver has put me ahead of the curve.

Thanks for keeping the show going. I wouldn’t know what to drink without you.


I have some questions about warehousing images.

First, if I drag and drop photos into stacks, or if I warehouse the images inside my resources folder, will page load speed be affected?

Second, assuming that page load speed is not an issue, are there times to warehouse and times to not?

For instance, I have a large website with many pages and many pictures. The file size is over 200mbs and growing. Most of the images are not warehoused, though the newer ones are. Would it make sense to warehouse everything and trim the file size? Is there a way to take an image that was dropped in a stack and drag or copy it into the resources folder?

The site in question is allthingskenton.com

Terry Vosbein

Okay, on typed.com, how can I put social share buttons above each post?
I want it above (or what ever needs done) so that they will also be there in the summary/excerpt). I asked the question on the forum but did not receive a single answer.

Thank you

Pete - have you looked at Playlister by stacks for stacks https://stacks4stacks.com/playlister/ or Yuzool’s Audio 2 https://www.yuzoolthemes.com/themes/audio/ They both allow for playlists and track names. Perhaps one of them would suite your needs?

I am sure the great minds at RW HQ will have more to offer, but I have been using Audio 2 from Yuzoolthemes to put multiple playlists on a single page and have been very happy with it.

You can see it here: http://www.maxfrankmusic.com/jukebox/

Terry Vosbein

Is there a way to post or view my blog in chronological order?

Thanks for the quick replies. I’ll give these a try for sure. I’ve been using Boom by Doobox, and it works well for single tracks, but the playlist feature would be nice to have. These seem like a good start, and I’m keen to see if any others pop up, and if other web designers for music-based sites have had similar issues with finding the right player.

Pete, Also check out smPlayer from rapid-ideas. I’m using their older version of this (rPlayer). Easy to create playlists, just drag and drop your mp3s into the stack.
the demo is at https://www.rapid-ideas.com/previews/smplayer/

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