PlayLister Download button not working on Safari?

I can’t get the Download button on PlayLister to work on Safari; is this to do with the browser or is there a way around?

Hey @Wish,

Can you post a link to the page where you’re having the issue please? There isn’t much we can do to help you without one.


Safari does not support the HTML5 download attribute, so we do the sensible thing and just hide the download button. This is already clearly documented on the Playlister product page, in the ‘compatibility’ section.

I still don’t understand the reluctance for Apple / Safari to add this much-needed feature. Even Internet Explorer 12 (Edge) has added it! Chrome, Firefox and Opera have had it since about 2012. So I can only suggest you continue to send your feedback here:

Although RapidWeaver does not support the downloads attribute either, the download button is still displayed in preview mode, so you can get an idea of what the completed player interface looks like in any normal web browser outside of Safari.

Thanks for that Will, I was reluctant to bother you again as I suspected it was something I had missed - I am completely new to this and am trying to put together an extensive audio drama website in about two weeks so I’m skipping a few details!

Without Rapdweaver and the stacks responsive system I don’t think this is something I would be able to achieve.

Thanks but I understand now - I am trying to replace our old website with one which gives better access to the audio playback (people complained too much about play and download problems using iWeb).

The current website is, built using iWeb and the test site I am using to rebuild using Rapidweaver6 is We are nearly ready to swap over as most things seem to be working.

Thanks for your help,

Kim Loader.