AudioPlayer Stacks problem

I have a problem with the Rapidweaver “AudioPlayer” Stacks. from @willwood.
When I click a volume button or the volume bar, the pause button is replaced by the play button.

It was my client who made the remark.
Indeed, the problem appears in the preview of Rapidweaver.
I did some extensive testing by emptying the cache.
Chrome: problem
Safari: problem
Firefox: no problem!

Chrome: problem
Edge: problem
Firefox: The problem appears when we click several times!

I also moved the stacks on the page and nothing works.
And … When I do the test on the page to developer, I have the same problem.

I contacted @willwood. But, he tells me he does not have the problem and proposes to publish on this forum.
Any ideas ?
Thank you in advance for your help.

I just tested on a Mc with Safari and Chrome. I do not see the problem at all.

Thanks for your help.
Unfortunately, I still have the problem.
Here is an image:

and … the sound continues

I can see the same happening in Safari

I recorded the video on the Stacks4Stacks demo page.

Well it’s good one other person sees the problem. @NeilUK

But I don’t see the problem. Neither did Will. So I’m guessing there’s some weird interaction going on here: a browser add on? Some other setup with your computer? I really don’t know.

thank you very much, @NeilUK

Yes, it’s weird …
But, my client sees it too
It’s a shame, I like this Stacks

Sorry for my English

In that case you

  1. have to mention the exact browser version number
  2. Check the developer console for (most probably) JavaScript errors

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software


Hello and thank you !
I remind you that the problem is also visible on the site of the developer.

Chrome: Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Firefox: 65.0.2 (64 bits
Edge: Microsoft Edge 44.17763.1.0
I have an error. That maybe that?

Sorry, I’m a beginner
Thank you

Works fine for me in Safari and Chrome on a Mac.

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Chrome & safari work perfect for me !

Interesting - doesn’t work at all for me in Edge, strange thing is I had a similar problem just recently with a Stack where everything worked fine in all browsers across all platforms except Edge @willwood tracked the problem and fixed it.

EDIT - I use Player 2 weekly for 2 churches, just checked them in Edge and Player 2 is working fine except I have no adjustable audio - it’s either on full vol or muted. (good job M$ are dropping Edge!)

First, thank you all!
The problem is finally gone thanks to an update sent to me by @willwood by Email.

thank you all !

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