Download button for an MP3 file

Is there a way I can add a download button that lets visitors down an MP3 file without having to ‘Right click and save as’.

I now I can do it easily with a zip file, but my users are not tech-savvy and some of them will not want a zip file.

I’ve seen in done on other websites, but wondered if it could be done with Rapidweaver itself, or if there was a stack I could use.

I’m already using Playlisted from Stacks2stacks (which is freakin’ awesome) and that let’s me have a download button on the player for each track, which is great, but I also need to create another page that doesn’t have the player on, which is purely for people wanting to download.

Any ideas?

Just give each link a download attribute to force the file to download in newer desktop web browsers and Android.

This is what PlayLister is doing with MP3 downloads.


After all these years, Apple has finally caught-up and added support for the download attribute in Safari 10. Only took them about 6 years!


You can also link to a php “force download” script which performs the download. Just google “php force download.”

Or you can use “linklokurl” which will do a nice job and it has built in ability for Amazon S3 downloads if you care to store the MP3 on S3 to keep the load off your server.

Thanks @willwood

That is EXACTLY what I needed to do. Much appreciated!!!

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I will check that out as the files are currently stored on AWS, but I’m doing it for a charity and I doubt they’ll have any budget for more scripts so everything I’m getting I’m having to get out of my own pocket, but I don’t mind as it’s nice to be able to help out.

I did get Sitelok the other week, and absolutely loved that, so if Linklok is anything near as good then I’m sure it’s terrific, but as I say, it’s for a charity so having to do it all as cheap as possible.