Plist missing Can't open RW8 files

Hello, I updated my iMac to Mojave and now I can’t open my Rapidweaver files. I’m getting an error: “/Users/traci/Dropbox/Rapidweaver Sites/TS new foundation Aks Trit 2019.rw8/Contents.plist’ file does not exist”

How do I fix or otherwise work around this?

Many thanks!!


To my knowledge there’s no way to fix that problem. The project file (package) is corrupt.
are you using Dropbox to store the project file? A lot of people have been having issues with Dropbox and synchronization with project files.

I don’t use Dropbox but it seems the workaround has been to copy the project file to the local drive manually back and forth between the two. Some even are zipping and unzipping in the process.

I don’t know if that will help if the file is already corrupt on Dropbox, but might help you avoid it happening again.

Others that need to work on multiple Macs seem to be switching to iCloud.

Hope you have a backup.

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