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I have one product that I wish to sell. I know there are plugins that accommodate sales. What would be the easiest to set up?

Although many will recommend whatever solution they themselves use, before anyone can really offer any meaningful advice they/we need to know a lot more about your requirements.

If you can explain, in detail, how you see the sales process working, what you will be selling (in terms of veriants etc. not actual item), what data needs to be collected, if it’s physical or digital, if the former will shipping need to be caclulated, and so on. Then people can make suggestions based on a better understanding of what you need, opposed to just randomly suggesting ecommerce platforms.

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Fair enough. I have one physical product, a book, selling at one price. Free shipping. There are no variations at this time to what I need. I wish to only sell domestically. I would like to be able to accept credit cards and have the monies sent directly to my bank account. I only need to get the name and address of the buyer. I hope that is enough information.

Certainly is. I’d go for Paysnap myself, from @yabdab. It’s about as simple as it gets whilst still being really customisable down the line.

It doesn’t gather any customer data, that is left to the payment processor, so means there are no security holes/issues in terms of data gathering/retention. Said processors can be Stripe or Paypal.


In this case, I would say, you do not need any kind of plug-in. Sign up with a payment service, such as Then selling your product is nothing more than placing a link or button with the purchase URL on your site. Once someone buys your book, you will be notified and find all the required buyer’s data in their dashboard. No need to overcomplicate things.
Paddle even takes care of the VAT side of the business.


Paddle is only good for digital services.

@Hanko is selling a physical book with shipping.

I would more like looking into a free service like Ecwid Pricing - Choose the right Ecwid plan for your business!


It appears that to use Paysnap I have to use Foundry. I do not use Foundry I use a simple Theme.

Hi @Hanko – What makes you think you need to use Foundry in order to use Paysnap?

They’re not mutually exclusive products, and not made by the same developer even. Paysnap should work in any theme and is not tied to Foundry in any way. :+1:


Is it free shipping anywhere in the world? Are you concerned about collecting and paying taxes like VAT?

Paysnap would be the simplest, but I believe you have to setup all the tax stuff yourself.

ECWID’s free plan covers up to ten products. I believe it might be easier to do the tax stuff.

With either, you will need to set up at least one payment gateway. Paysnap does PayPal or Stripe. Ecwid has over 50 payment gateways to choose from.

Ecwid has a free plugin for RapidWeaver , and there is a paid set of stacks available for more customized experience.


The demo I saw on their page was shown on Foundry so I assumed.

That’s just a demo, it has to use something. As said above, Paysnap is not theme dependent, I use it with all manner of themes.


I think it’s a physical book, not an ebook.

Thank you for that. I had gone to their site and created a storefront which I had assumed I could put onto my site but that was not to be. I will now attempt their RW template.

The Plugin I think is a page with the storefront.

Might have a look at these Videos.
Sell Online with Stacks and Ecwid | RapidWeaver Tutorials | RapidWeaver Community

I have set up the ecwid storefront and it appears just fine but now having problems with PayPal. It’s a real hair puller.

I believe that you need to have a PayPal business account.

Thank you for your suggestions and help. I have signed up with Ecwid and finally ironed out all my problems with PayPal. My storefront is running smoothly.


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