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(Alisa Damjanovska) #1

Hi there, what do you think is the best RW plugin for ecommerce? I am a small publisher selling copies of my books through my website, so only need to list individual books and have a payment button and checkout (be that paypal or other)? Any responses greatly appreciated. Many thanks

(Brad Halstead) #2


Hi Alison

That’s a very subjective question and you will likely get as many answers as there are possibilities :slightly_smiling:

So the Forum is more clear on your needs…

  1. Quantity of titles?
  2. Physical or digital or both?
  3. Does it need to calculate Shipping/VAT/TAX?

The RapidWeaver Community site has a specific eCommerce section here

Not all products are available there but it’s a good starting point.

Personally, I have PayLoom 3, RapidCart 3, RapidCart 4 - Advanced, I like each for specific reasons and use cases.

If you sign up for a Gold Subscription, you get RapidCart 3 for free… just a thought…

Have fun indoor search :slightly_smiling:

(Alisa Damjanovska) #3

Thanks again Turtle. Yes there are some great options out there. I will have about 10 or so titles and only physical books at present. I also need to be able to calculate domestic and international shipping, upload images of the books and also have a quantity button for customers who may purchase more than one item. The payloom3 looks good but I don’t want to purchase something I won’t use or that won’t suit my needs. Appreciate your help Brad,


(Brad Halstead) #4


Well, if you already use Paypal and know how to configure shipping and VAT/Tax then I would recommend PayLoom 3 Pro by Yabdab. But visit his site and check out this options for PayLoom 3 Standard and Pro (I can’t remember the difference between them, I think the Pro version offers bd connectivity and Stripe support if I am not mistaken, but being male, that is highly unlikely lol) This is a plugin so it makes it’s own page type and not accessible via a stack…

Did you want stack capability? Because really, there is a PayPal stack I believe and it connects to your paypal account (where the qty, shipping, handling, taxes are calculated) You could make a page for each book and have this stack on it as a buy now button. This might be the overall cheapest solution if you have YourHead Software Stacks Plugin installed in your RapidWeaver.

What version of RapidWeaver?


(Alisa Damjanovska) #5

Oh I’ve just uploaded the latest RW. Cart looks pretty good. Have you had a look at that?

(Brad Halstead) #6


I’ve looked at almost all of them, but only purchased 3 so far.

At the bottom of the plugin or stack that you are viewing, you may see sites built using… explore those and see what they look like on those sites.

As for support, Yuzool, Yabdab and Foreground are typically outstanding when using their support email addresses and do quite often come to the forum, as for the other developers, I cannot say as I do not have only of their ‘cart’ type products.

The only other thing you need to worry about is inventory management, don’t know if Paypal does that for you with SKU numbers or not… you don’t want to have 3 books of a title in stock and have to fill an order of 10 lol


(Alisa Damjanovska) #7

Thanks again Turtle. Always appreciate your help!:slightly_smiling: