PlusKit and google doc

I read the pluskit reference guide ( and followed the steps, but got questions.

Where to type the command and where to add the link? Is it look like @gdoc((

you place the pluskit @-command right where you want the document or table to go. it must go into some Styled Text – this means it can go into a lot of places in RW like:

  • a blog post
  • a Styled Text page
  • a Stacks page – within a Text stack

and many others.

You should follow along the manual and make sure to double check the parts where you have to enable publishing of the google doc itself. This bits are very important and easy to miss.

To give you a head start, I have just used PlusKit to test this google doc. I did this using the latest PlusKit from our site, RapidWeaver 8.2 (I also tested the RW 8.3 beta, just in case) and macOS 10.14 Mojave


Here’s what I did:

  1. New RW project
  2. New PlusKit page
  3. Click the configure button in plusket and switch to the Google tab
  4. Enable @gdoc
  5. Now create a Styled Text page
  6. Copy the line below and paste into the document.
  7. Select all the text you just pasted and choose Format > Clear Formatting to be sure there’s not styled formatting that got taken from the web browser.
  8. In the right-hand info-sidebar of RapidWeaver click the first tab “General Settings”
  9. Change the Filename to index.php – it just needs to end with php

Now preview the page. That should do the trick. And you should see this message (which comes from my shared Google Document:

This is a PlusKit test. If you can see this inside of your document, then the test worked!

If you’re not seeing that – then send a message to our support folks, include your file, and we’ll try to get to the bottom of it. Christi will help you out, she’s pretty good at helping people figure out PlusKit issues – she just helped me with all these details just now. :wink:


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Thank you very much for replying. It is solved.

Now, I got other questions.

First, I am using Amazon S3 that only support html files. So, do you know how to solve this php and html problem?

Second, I was trying to set image effects. However, it didn’t come out like the reference said. For example, I set fancy box, trying to be more precise, so I set “Find items whose Image file Name is abc” in the search criteria to run as a test, then published it, but it didn’t show a fancy box on that image. Do you see anything wrong in it?

Isaiah Carew via RapidWeaver Forums 於 2019年8月16日 週五 上午11:00寫道:

S3 Buckets are just for file. You would need to set up an AWS server running php – or use amazons AWS PHP SDK.

But I think google is probably a better supplier of good links on that topic than I am. :wink:

  1. Make sure the page extension is php – just like the page above
  2. Just like the example above, start with a Styled Text page
  3. Try setting very simple criteria. “Page name contains:” and then type in your page name of of the page with the images – just as you see it in the page-list sidebar on the right side of the window.

If that doesn’t work, send your file to our support and we’ll have a look at it and if we can find the issue.

Thank you.

I’ve tried your instructions about the second question. But, it doesn’t work. Here’s the test file I used.

Isaiah Carew via RapidWeaver Forums 於 2019年8月17日 週六 上午2:46寫道:

(Attachment is missing)

I think at this point I need to ask you to contact us through our customer-support instead of using the forum.

Here’s is a link to our support:
And here is an FAQ on how to share your project file and addons folder with us so we help:

Thank you. I’ve tried your instructions about the second question. But, it doesn’t work. Here’s the test file I used.

Isaiah Carew via RapidWeaver Forums 於 2019年8月18日 週日 上午3:30寫道:


I see the issue. You are trying to use PlusKit to affect Stacks. This won’t work, I’m afraid.

PlusKit can only affect the Styled Text content of a project. So images that are inline in within Text anywhere in the project will work – but other images in the project (including Stacks Images) are unaffected.

If you are working in Stacks – you should just use Stacks. There are dozens of stacks that can produce nice image and lightbox effects. Many that are much more customizable than the PlusKit lightboxes.

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