PlusKit desaster: Need help for importing stacks into EC area

Hi all,

several of my projects are endangered because PlusKit 3.0.1 is causing them to crash (can’t export to folder nor publish) and the Beta versions don’t upload the content that should be imported (at least, the desired content is not there when published). Isaiah is working on it, that is great - but he may not come up with a solution that soon.

So I am looking for workarounds, I want to get rid of PlusKit altogether, if possible.

I purchased the “Global content” stack from JW, but somehow I am not clever enough to find out how I can get a simple slogan into the EC3 area (with a certain stile).

I’d appreciate your help! Thanks.


Have a look at partials in combination with the extra content stack

Thanks, Joost.

I have made a partial with a Houdini stack for my stacks pages, that is working.

I also managed to put the same content in EC 3 on my blog pages, maps, photos, contact by use of the sidebar and the div command.

Now I need to find a way to place the share stack with my social icons inside individual news in the RW blog. Is there a way to do that?