RW7 blog issues with Extra Content


Describing this is going to be confusing, so it is probably easiest to look at the links below to see what I’m talking about. I have a website created in RW7 that has a blog page. The blog page has individual blog posts assigned to permanent links (i.e. a separate, permanent page for each post). Each post is previewed on the blog page with links to the posts. The blog page itself displays 100% accurately. However, the issue is with each separate page for each blog post.

I am using Extra Content areas built into the theme for the header and various elements at the top of each page of the site. To utilize the same EC areas on the blog page that I am using on the rest of the site, I’m pulling in extra content stacks via Pluskit. Pluskit is displaying all of these EC stacks properly on the blog page and all but 1 of these EC stacks on each individual post page.

To illustrate, look at an individual blog post page:

And then look at the main blog page:

There is an EC area with three large images that does not display at all on the individual blog post page (just shows the file names of the images) but displays accurately on the main blog page. Can anyone figure out what may be causing this issue and how I can either fix it or work around it? I need to have the blog posts go to permalinks for sharing and SEO purposes.

I understand that Pluskit has been causing some issues for people with RW7 (it was for me but then was updated and now works better). I also understand that using Pluskit is not ideal, but for this particular site it is the ideal application.

Thank you for any suggestions or advice!