Stacks 3 + PlusKit = BROKEN LAYOUTS

Using PlusKit more than once on a Stacks 3 page breaks virtually everything else on the page from navigation to photos. It would be super spiffy if the developers would be so kind as to communicate with the community what, if anything, is being done to fix this, and by when, so that we can either be patient or start completely rebuilding our sites that use PlusKit. Thank you!

We’re currently working on getting Stacks 3 working with PlusKit. There are still a few bugs to work out there. We’re hoping to nail them down in the next update.

Thanks for your patience.


Slightly off-topic but still on the subject of Stacks 3 and Pluskit:

If you have a big site and use Pluskit to globally @import other stacks pages—like footers, for example — then it’s possible you’ll see your workflow get bogged down, especially when switching between Edit and Preview mode. With Stacks 3 however you can achieve the same end using the new Partials feature and the transition between edit modes will fly.


good point, Marten, and a perspective that might make things easier in the long run. Still having to redesign all your projects due to the incompatibility is annoying. I’d still prefer to get that solved and switch to Partials on new projects while fading out old projects using PlusKit. Do you agree?

Absolutely! And I have no doubt at all that Isaiah will nail those bugs very quickly so there will be no incompatibility. Nevertheless I’ll still be rebuilding my two biggest sites to take advantage of the much speedier Stacks 3 workflow. In smaller sites the lag is not an issue.


I really appreciate this because I cannot use Stacks 3 until then.
I am using Pluskit in my webshop for some things which I cannot do with partials or at least it would make things much more complicated.

Ditto here. This needs to be addressed ASAP! There are many of us dead in the water because of it.

I’ve put a call out for examples of this behavior to make sure that i fix all the interesting corner cases that folks are using pluskit for.

If you have a file like this, see the full details here:



OK, after an hour there were no takers – and I’d rather not delay a release too much longer…

So let’s try this instead. I’ve posted a build on Slack here:

If you’d like you can download that build and let me know if it fixes the issues. If not, please send any details you have via a private message on slack, thx.


Results are in:

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So I rolled out the update. Enjoy!

Thanks a lot. Seems to work like a charm now.

Thought the problem between PlusKit and Stacks is fixed now. But now I have again a project with broken layout. It is a Foundation project, it is the TopBar that is affected by the issue (Stacks 3.0.1 and the current version of all Foundation stacks)

The prior problem was a hard crash and/or images not being exported. It seems to be fixed and I have not heard of any other reports of it.

This probably means that your problem is new and/or unique. In order to help you we’ll probably need some more info from you (like the file in question) since there are so many ways to use PlusKit. The quickest and easiest way is to contact our support folks and share your RW project file via Dropbox (or other similar method).



I still have broken layout using Pluskit to import my Flow page to Staks 3 page.